Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Welcome to Qumranica, a blog associated with an honours (i.e. upper division) undergraduate course on the Dead Sea Scrolls, which I teach at the University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland. The first meeting of the course is today. Please have a look at the "About Qumranica" link (also above and to the right) for detailed information about the course and the blog.

I shall be posting a summary of the opening lecture later today on the St. Andrews Dead Sea Scrolls website and will link to it here. The provisional schedule for the course is already posted on that website and will be updated as the semester progresses. I aim to update the blog at least once a day during weekdays (not excluding weekends if something interesting should happen to come up), so please come back often. And have a look as well at PaleoJudaica.com, my blog on ancient Judaism and its literary and historical context.

We now have at least 14 students signed up for the course, which I believe is a record since I started teaching it. The schedule and bibliography is being updated accordingly. This should be a very rich and interesting semester.