Monday, March 07, 2005

Change of Plan and 4QMMT

The student who was set to do the Temple Scroll essay has been ill, so that topic will have to be covered later in the course. This means that our only topic this week will be 4QMMT. Here are a few relevant websites:

The Library of Congress DSS exhibit has a page with a nice photo of 4QMMTc (4Q396) (click on the photo in this link to see the whole thing) as well as a brief introduction and a translation of some of the text.

Again from Taylor University College and Seminary, Canada, for REL 365: The Dead Sea Scrolls, we have An Introduction to the Miqsat Ma’ase ha-Torah (4QMMT) by Angela J. Lalk.

And on the Orion website, we have a paper by Qumran scholar Charlotte Hempel: "The Laws of the Damascus Document and 4QMMT."