Friday, April 01, 2005

From the Mafia to the Dead Sea Scrolls

Quite a story:
Ex-mobster's life changed by prison


By Bob Burchette Staff Writer
[Greensboro] News & Record

HIGH POINT -- Thom Miller, his dark hair slicked back in a ponytail and his body showing the scars of serious fisticuffs and at least three bullet wounds, could easily be a Sopranos character.

Indeed, he says he was a strong-armed enforcer for the Mafia in Cleveland for several years. "There was never a time when I thought of any of it as being glamorous. It was never like you see in the movies,'' Miller said.


Miller was once housed with death-row inmates while serving a sentence for stabbing a man in the heart. Today, he is a part of the 10-person team that is putting on the "Dead Sea Scrolls to The Bible in America" exhibit at Providence Place. The exhibit ends April 10. Until then, Miller will be assisting with the exhibit and also ministering at places outside the exhibit hall.