Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I should comment briefly on the links section to the right.

You already know about the PaleoJudaica blog and the St. Andrews DSS Website.

The Orion Center is a research center devoted to the study of the Scrolls, which was opened at the Institute for Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem about ten years ago. The Center supports research on the Scrolls at the Hebrew University, sponsors lectures and conferences, and maintains the marvelous Orion Center Website, the most important resource for the Dead Sea Scrolls on the Internet. Note especially the symposia page and the bibliography page. The latter is updated weekly. There's lots more, so it's worth having a good look around.

The g-Megillot list is a moderated discussion list on the Dead Sea Scrolls, administered by Ken Penner, a doctoral student at McMaster University in Ontario. ("Megillot," incidentally, is the Hebrew word for "scrolls.") The list not terribly active, but when there is discussion it's generally worth reading. I encourage you to subscribe if you haven't already.

The other links link leads to the page of links for PaleoJudaica. You'll find much material relevant to the Scrolls, but also lots of things dealing more generally with ancient Judaism, the Hebrew Bible, early Christianity, biblical and related languages, and the ancient Near East. There are links to websites, online texts, journals, news sites, blogs, selected PaleoJudaica posts, some of my own articles and papers, etc.

There are countless other useful websites on the Dead Sea Scrolls, some of which I will mention in the weeks to come.

Also, some of you may be wondering about the photograph. It's from a fragment of 4QGenesis-Exodusa containing Exod 4:26-5:1 on the right side and Exod 6:4-11 on the left. I took the picture myself back when I was editing the manuscript. You can find the publication of the fragment in DJD 12, pp. 23 and 25-26 (frag. 25 on plate III).